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3D Printed Jewelry

Some of the sterling silver jewelry I've made with Shapeways.

Ken calvert dna 1 large

Replicating DNA 1

Ken calvert small dna necklace 1

Replicating DNA 2

Ken calvert dna earrings 1

Replicating DNA earrings

Ken calvert circuit heart silver large

Circuit heat pendant 1

Ken calvert circuit tentacle heart cord white

Circuit heat pendant 2

Ken calvert dna heart 1

DNA heart pendant

Ken calvert dna infinity earrings

Infinity DNA earrings

Ken calvert trinity knot sml

Trinity knot DNA

Ken calvert tardigrade earrings 2 small

Tardigrade earring

Ken calvert bender silver 5 small

Bender pendant

Ken calvert escher snakes silver 1

MC Escher snakes pendant

Ken calvert snake bronze patina 1

MC Escher snakes pendant with bronze patina

Ken calvert turtle heart 5

Turtle heart pendant

Ken calvert westworld maze mannequin crop silver

Westworld maze pendant

Ken calvert piano earrings front 1

Piano earrings

Ken calvert winged shoe rolo chain

Winged track shoe pendant